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JHL Commercial Properties became a member of the U.S. Green Building Council in 2008.  This affiliation has given us numerous resources that we use to research and investigate ways to improve buildings and save money for owners as well as tenants.  These improvements can be reflected in little things, such as LED emergency exits signs, or larger items, such as Photovoltaic Panels (Solar Panels).  Also, such practices as light bulb recycling regimens, ordering recycled-only paper products, and conserving water with "dry-scaping", are only a few of the multi-faceted ways we help the environment for future generations.

Below is a look into how JHL Commercial Properties is helping tenants and owners become more "Green".

Green Business Quarterly Article

Green Business Quarterly Magazine ArticleJHL Commercial Properties, Inc.
By Daniel Casciato

Scott Hill believes that commercial properties can make a big impact on the environment if each one is operated in a more environmentally conscious way.

His company, JHL Commercial Properties, Inc., is a family-owned and licensed commercial property management firm, working for owners in Napa and Solano Counties in California.  Hill, the company's part owner, would like the world to be a beter place for future generations.

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Gasser Building (433 Soscol Avenue)

Photovoltaic panels installed on building roof and carports

Gasser Building (433 Soscol Avenue)
(picture acquired from


TV screen in lobby that shows energy savings

(Green line to left=energy generated - Orange line underneath=energy used)

"Green" Upgrades

These are examples of occupancy sensors being installed throughout our buildings and tenant spaces. They are technologically up-to-date for the best energy savings possible

green_upgrade_01 green_upgrade_02

This type of LED building Exit Sign is more efficient, last longer and is better for the envirionment.
These 4 ft. LED lamps are more efficient lamps used to replace T8 and T12 lamps


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